Voices Her'd Visionaries

Empowering Young Women to Make their Voices Heard

Voices Her'd Visionaries is a special program for young women who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to Groundswell and a potential for leadership. During the school year, participants examine issues facing women and girls and choose a topic for a large-scale summer public art project to be completed as part of our flagship Summer Leadership Institute.


Download the application for Voices Her'd today. Please email completed application to youthdev@groundswell.nyc.


May 5th, 2017 through June 9th 2017 Fridays, 4pm – 7pm

Past Projects

  • YEAR 2016

    Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds

    LOCATION: 1401 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216

    This summer, a team of young women artists illuminated and celebrated the power of women of color within both the public...

  • YEAR 2015

    Gender Violence and the Culture That Perpetuates It

    LOCATION: 1178 East New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11212

    As part of the STARS Citywide Girls Initiative, an initiative funded through the New York City Council, a team of young...

  • “I object to objectification” reads the shirt of the women on the far right.
    YEAR 2015

    Respect is the Strongest Compliment

    LOCATION: 1102 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206

    Brought to national attention with groups such as HollaBack! and Stop Street Harassment, street harassment affects the...