Eric Miles

Eric Miles is an artist and veteran educator who has worked as a visual arts instructor, arts administrator and community muralist for over twenty years.  The focus of his career has been in support of New York City’s most underserved high school students as an award-winning teacher. In this mission, he helped found the theme-based art school BHSVA in the Bronx, administered a multi-disciplinary arts program at UAMA in Brooklyn, and led Pratt’s Institute’s student-teacher training program. Mr. Miles has also been an advocate for youth voice through his leadership in community-based mural projects locally and internationally.
Mr. Miles holds a BA in Art History and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Arts Education from the Pratt Institute. His leadership in the field of arts education has included experience as a writer of the NYC Visual Arts Curricula and the NYC Art Regents exams, and as a trainer for the NYC Blueprint for the Arts. Mr. Miles has presented his work at speaking events, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has received numerous awards for his dedication and success as an educator.
Mr. Miles is currently working as a lead muralist for Groundswell NYC and lives with his wife and two sons in Brooklyn, NY.