Mural Residency Program for Incarcerated Youth

Transforming incarcerated settings through art

Through a mural residency program for incarcerated youth, Groundswell artists work onsite at public high schools located within City and State-run detention facilities. Each residency supports staff and corrections officers in their efforts to improve academic performance and prepare students for a successful discharge. In 2015, Groundswell will complete our tenth and eleventh murals onsite in juvenile detention facilities.



Past Projects

  • YEAR 2016

    Maze of Awareness

    LOCATION: 634 Manida Street Bronx, NY 10474

    Leake and Watts and Groundswell partnered to inspire youth people in incarceration to gain awareness of their future...

  • YEAR 2015


    LOCATION: 619 Belmont Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11207

    Through a partnership with District 79 schools, which support students who experienced a disruption in their schooling,...

  • YEAR 2015

    Powerful Beyond

    LOCATION: 17 Bristol Street Brooklyn , NY 11212

    Groundswell worked in collaboration with the Passages Academy at Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brownsville, Brooklyn to...