Alert and Ready Wins the Race

  • Final design

Project Description

Beginning in November, students from PS 232 came together to create a new street sign to benefit the community around them and promote social change. Originally inspired by the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race,” the students set out not only to change the habits of drivers, but to teach their fellow students about waiting their turns at crosswalks and not rushing in to traffic. Using symbolism such as creating an ideal traffic environment on the sign itself, as well as race flags at the end of the crosswalk, the youth home to communicate a message of patience and respect within the community around them.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Walk around your neighborhood and write down three other things we should keep in mind about traffic safety?
Suggested Activity
Look at the final draft. Please brainstorm what other visual imagery you will add to the piece.
Fun Fact
The team originally explored imagery based on the saying “Slow and steady wins the race,” which in the first drafts relied on the visual metaphor of the tortoise and the hare.