Be Aware, Be Patient, Be Sober, Cherish Life

  • Final Coalition HS design

Project Description

Beginning in October of 2013, Groundswell provided an outlet for students from the Coalition School for Social Change to remember those who they have lost and to make a difference in their community. As a part of Groundswell’s ongoing partnership with the Department of Transportation, the students came together to create a new street sign to be installed near their school. The theme that the youth worked towards/around was the theme of “awareness”; awareness in traffic, awareness when walking, awareness when deciding/deciding not to drink and drive, etc. Moreover, the mural was made in memoriam of the students’ close friend, Renee Thompson, who they had lost as a result of a community in need of such awareness. 

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Project Info

Location: 2351 1st Ave New York, NY 10038

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Walk around your neighborhood on different time of a day. What other types of “awareness” did you generate? What difference does repeated visits to the same location change your perceptions? Why or why not?
Question about the Mural
What do you think the different images used represent? What would you have used?
Fun Fact
Three students from the group worked with Groundswell to create a presentation about their experiences that was later presented at the Youth Bike Summit at the New School in Manhattan, which drew over 484 attendees from 26 states and 4 countries.