Bronx Rising

  • "Bronx Rising."
  • The youth muralists presented their design concept in a public forum held at a local school.
  • After weeks of research, design, priming, and gridding, the team is finally ready to start filling in the vibrant colors that will bring the piece to life.
  • Two youth artists use fine brushes to add detail in the final stages of fabrication.
  • The team worked together indoors on parachute cloth all summer to create this monumental piece.
  • "Bronx Rising" encourages residents to improve their neighborhood instead of moving out of it.
Groundswell Community Mural ProjectStreetwise: Hunts Point

Project Description

“Bronx Rising” presents a community-inspired vision for Hunts Point as a neighborhood on the rise, much as the phoenix rises from the ashes to achieve new life. In the mural, a central figure of a young girl is supported on either side by elders from her neighborhood who have worked to achieve a safer, more sustainable community. Figures above plant trees, re-imagine the streetscape, and direct residents to newly created neighborhood parks. Text along the top encourages residents to “Don’t Move. Improve.” “Bronx Rising” was completed as part of StreetWise: Hunts Point, a two-year campaign to engage community members in identifying and prioritizing transportation and related-environmental concerns in their South Bronx community. The mural is the culminating public artwork created in a series of five StreetWise: Hunts Point projects presented, thanks to support from the Rockefeller Foundation and its Cultural Innovation Fund.

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Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Learn more about the community-led revitalization happening in Hunts Point, by visiting organizations such as Bronx River Alliance, Rocking the Boat, Sustainable South Bronx, and THE POINT.
“This colorful narrative educates New Yorkers about working together to make our streets even safer.” – Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner
Legend Symbol
The Phoenix. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.