Brooklyn Frontiers

  • The mural has transformed the dark space of the yard into a bright and beautiful courtyard.
  • Skill-building workshops helped students determined the message they wanted to portray in the final mural.
  • All Groundswell projects are a collaborative process that incorporate feedback sessions in the design phase.
  • Students painted the mural indoors on parachute cloth that was later installed in the courtyard.
  • On the left side of the courtyard, a student aspires toward graduation.
  • Symbols are present throughout the mural. Here we see the key, birds, and an hour glass.

Project Description

This mural was created in partnership with Brooklyn Frontiers High School to bring color and life to a once dark and damp courtyard on the school grounds. In this project, students, teachers, and Groundswell artists came together to explore their shared educational dreams and aspirations. They identified meaningful symbols such as the dream catcher, the feather, the hour glass, and the student graduating. Using those symbols the students compiled a message of hope for Brooklyn Frontiers High School students, all of whom had been held back twice between Kindergarten and Eighth grade, that "Knowledge is Power."  Recognizing the obstacles that future Brooklyn Frontiers students may face, this group of students wanted the mural to offer a symbol of solidarity, encouragement, and sense of achievement that comes from completing your high school education.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Question about the Mural
What do the key and lock symbols mean to you?
Dreamcatchers are protective charms from Native American culture. They are hung above a bed to protect sleeping people from nightmares.
Fun Fact
Brooklyn Frontiers High School partners with Good Shepherd Services to provide students with coaches who will help them create personalized academic plans and guide them through the process of achieving them.