Crowns of the Playground

Project Description

“Crowns of the Playground” celebrates the youth by brightening up the space in the playground.  The mural spotlights the youth’s visions and their undeniably inspired presence. The mural is a series of portraits based on the youth participants in the mural-making program. The crowns are each designed the youth the portrait represents.
The youth were charged with designing something that was important to them, something that would inspire happiness for others as well. There were many themes and so the themes were focused as crown pieces to create a continuity in within the composition. They spent a lot of time designing, redesigning and refining their designs. The crowns speak to nature, play, achievement, family, friendship, love, emotions, and passion. The mural is something that the youth, their families, and all of their friends were proud to watch develop.

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Project Info

Location: Brooklyn New York, NY 11215
Community Commission


Women in Need (WIN)

New York City Department of Youth and Community Development
SONYC (School’s Out New York City) Initiative

Lead Artist(s):
Crystal Bruno

Assistant Artist(s):
Jeff Henriquez



A team of Women in Need (WIN) youth participants
Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: Three walls, 7 x 56 ft, 6 x 42 ft, and 7 x 26 ft

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Draw a self-portrait with a crown representing what is most important to you.
Question about the Mural
Throughout the crown, words and phrases that inspire the youth are included. Which phrase speaks most to you?
Fun Fact
The most expensive crown in the world is the United Kingdom Crown Jewel.