Envision Your Future

Project Description

This mural was the second in a series to bring the learning that takes place inside East Brooklyn Community High School to the outside community.
The theme of this project asked students to envision their futures. They were also challenged to acknowledge the steps that took them to where they are now and the steps that will help them reach their goals in the future. The students brainstormed through sketching and writing exercises about how they see their bright and unrestricted future lives. The students created several concepts to represent their “journey – destination” of achieving their goals.
The final design depicts a yellow brick road that leads through an open door that parts waves and floral fields. The yellow brick road and the waves symbolize the journey, and the flowers symbolize the positive things along the way. The path leads to a mountain, atop of which is a crown, symbolizing success. Two doves can be seen on either side of the doorway symbolizing freedom and opportunity. The whole mural is in the shape of a keyhole, eluding to the fact that through their journeys, the students will ultimately unlock their futures and meet their goals.  

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Project Info

Location: 9517 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11212

Fun Facts

This mural project inspired the students to seriously consider their future and gave them an opportunity to articulate their vision through art.
Suggested Activity
Pick a goal you have for the future. Draw a symbolic drawing illustrating the steps needed to achieve this goal.
Birds: The birds in the mural symbolize motivation and ambition, which is essential to guiding you to your goals.