The Explosion of Wonder

  • The completed mural is entitled "The Explosion of Wonder."
  • The mural in process, just before a mandala is painted into the image.
  • Participants take a break from the painting process to pose for a photograph.
  • The lower right corner of the mural.

Project Description

“The Explosion of Wonder” was created through a partnership with Pathways College Preparatory School during spring 2014. The collaborative mural design process engaged youth artists in a hands-on exploration of the many diverse pathways to success in life. Through a series of engaging brainstorming workshops, the students discussed how each of them can view the world around them as their own personal "blueprint" for success. This ideas was carried into the mural design, in which a blueprint acts as a guide for participants to achieve their dreams and aspirations. The mural image emphasizes that each student's blueprint is her or her own, just as each person's future is his or her own to create and pursue.
The mural is located on the fourth  floor of the school in its computer lab and library.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
During the initial brainstorming and research phase, the participants generated themes related to “the oceans of our dreams” and “the boardwalk of life,” which were later used as the core imagery of the mural.
Question about the Mural
What are some ways that you can map out your own blueprint for the future, in addition to using visual images?
Fun Fact
If you look closely, you can see the core values of Pathways written inside the mandala: “Running, Responsibility, Reading, Resilience, Respect.”