The Four Elements

Project Description

“The Four Elements” was a collaboration with The Trust for Public Land and JHS 162. The mural covers a handball court in the school playground. To celebrate nature, the artist team focused on the four great natural elements: wind, earth and the forest, fire, and water. On the left there is a cloud blowing wind to the right. There is a flower pot that has been tipped over and various flowers spilled out of it. A rabbit and a deer play and a branch turns into a woman with flowers in her hair. A fire animal exits the volcano and a cloud rains to put the fire down. The water turns into waves while a whale swims out of it on the bottom right.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Create a mythical creature that represents one of the natural elements.
The blue whale is the largest animal to ever exist on the planet, alive or extinct.
Fun Fact
New York City receives about an average of 45 inches of rain each year.