Growing Gowanus

  • The four mural panels provide a colorful addition to the front of the flagship Brooklyn Whole Foods Market.
  • In creating the murals, a team of all-star Groundswell youth painted the design on parachute cloth.
  • The front corner of Whole Foods serves as the perfect spot for two of the panels in this set.
  • The first panel illustrates diverse food items and highlights where they come from.
  • The second panel shows additional images of healthy and natural foods.

Project Description

Groundswell was commissioned by Whole Foods Market to create a series of murals for the exterior of its inaugural Brooklyn store, located at Third and 3rd in Gowanus. In designing the murals, a team of all-star Groundswell youth first undertook a rigorous research process.  They toured the store's location, once designated a federal Superfund site, and investigated community efforts to clean up and restore the Gowanus Canal. They met with the store's design team, to better understand the many cutting-edge sustainable elements planned, including a rooftop garden and state-of-the-art CO2 refrigeration system. Finally, they interviewed Whole Foods corporate staff, to learn more about how the company will support local grassroots efforts to bring healthy eating to children of all income levels through key partnerships. The completed murals are inspired by a theme of healthy and nourishing foods, designed with a goal of connecting food and community.  The four colorful completed panels show contrasting rural and urban landscapes, and include beautiful and vibrant images of healthy and locally sourced foods.

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Project Info

Location: 214 Third Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

Community Commission

Health and Wellness


Whole Foods Market

Lead Artist(s):
DonChristian Jones

Assistant Artist(s):
Adan Palermo



Dajean Aiken
Miyah Harris
Emmanuel Knight
Rashawn Love
Mariana Nava
Keshani Whint
Acrylic on Parachute Cloth

Dimensions: Two panels 5 x 8.5ft and two panels 7.5 x 9ft

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Think of ways to make your diet healthier for both you and the environment.
Question about the Mural
How many chickens are in this set of murals?
Fun Fact
Whole Foods has a total of eight locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.