Here Goes Something (Part 2)

  • The long stretch of wall tells the story of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s rich history, gathered by the team through intensive research and oral histories. The final section of the mural illustrates the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s vision to be a thriving and sustainable industrial park.
  • During a tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the team begins to become familiar with its large scale and dynamic history throughout the years.
  • The youth post their drawings in the early stages of the design development.
  • The community painting day welcomes all members of the community to learn about the mural and help with its creation. On this summer day, the team welcomes a wealth of helping hands to make its design come alive.
  • Day by day, the team works hard to tackle the second half of the mural. The participants aimed to create a piece that was their own but also complimented the work that was already finished by elementary students from PS 307.
  • The viewing distance of any mural is unlimited. You can step back and enjoy the entirety of the mural, or step close and appreciate the fine details. This close-up shows the layers of colors that it takes to add dimension to a flat surface.

Project Description

“Here Goes Something” uncovers the rich hidden history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and engages passersby in the thriving activity taking place today. The work of 16 youth participants in our 2012 Summer Leadership Institute completes the mural first begun in spring 2012 by elementary school students from PS 307. Together, the two mural sections visually transform a monumental wall along the outside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and introduce viewers to the legacy and innovation of this modern industrial park - from the Revolutionary War to the revolution in jobs and industry happening in New York City right now. During the mural design process, Groundswell’s youth artists conducted intensive archival research and gathered oral histories from community members and workers who shaped the Yard over time and who now are creating its future. “Here Goes Something” illustrates a timeline of the Navy Yard and incorporates influences from social realism, WPA-era murals, and street art. Key moments in the Navy Yard’s history are presented through a series of vignettes visually connected by a motif of ship portholes. The mural culminates in a vision of a bright economic future based on sustainable industry.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 offers an annual program to artists seeking to work on-site in any medium. Artists may apply for access to this high-security 300-acre facility and former military site nestled on the famous Brooklyn waterfront.
Question about the Mural
The Brooklyn Navy Yard is today home to over 300 businesses and is a leader in green manufacturing and design. As you envision the future of the Yard, what sustainable, green products do you think might be produced there 50 years from now?
The Navy Yard was closed by the federal government in 1966. The city purchased the property from the U.S. government and, since then, the Yard has witnessed several attempts to re-kindle the industrial vigor and job opportunities that the Yard once held.