Keep Your Eyes on the Road

  • Final design
  • : Students learn how signs and symbols work to communicate ideas and concepts.
  • Hands on project.

Project Description

In early December of 2013, 4th grade students at PS 54X in the Bronx came together with Groundswell to create a new and engaging street sign for their neighborhood. The design focused on the theme of distracted driving, and faced head on the serious dangers of both driving under the influence of alcohol and text while driving, specifically in the school’s safe zones. This theme is depicted through a sign that is viewed from the perspective of a driver, who is both drinking and texting while driving past the school. By using bright, vibrant colors and bold statements such as “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD,” students hope that the signs will call attention to gravity of peoples’ decisions and actions, and that the signs will cause significant change within their community.
This sign joins a wide variety of other similar signs created through a partnership between Groundswell and the NYC Department of Transportation. This partnership seeks to call attention to traffic based issues across the boroughs through the creation of new street signs by the communities’ youth.

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Project Info

Location: 2703 Webster Avenue Bronx, NY 10458
Safety Sign Initiative

Livable Streets


New York City Department of Transportation
PS 54X

Lead Artist(s):
Olivia Fu



32 4th grade students
Printed Metal Sign

Dimensions: 30" Diameter

Fun Facts

Question about the Mural
Please look at the final design by PS54X. What do you think the students want to convey through their color choice? Why?
Suggested Activity
Please walk around and observe your neighborhood. What other signage do you think should be added to make a safer neighborhood?
Fun Fact
PS 54X is located near the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, one of the city’s largest green spaces which was founded in 1910.