Keep Your Eyes on the Road

  • The final sign design encourages safer driving free from distractions and impairments.

Project Description

Groundswell and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) designed the Traffic Safety Sign Residency Program to engage public school students in exploring traffic safety information through the creation of original street signs. Signs designed collaboratively by students at each of our partner schools are digitally rendered by Groundswell artists, fabricated by NYC DOT’s Sign Shop, and temporarily installed in local locations students identify as in need of traffic signage. Through this program, students learn how signs and symbols can work to communicate ideas and explore visual art techniques to develop graphic images. These signs then help increase safety awareness and prevent accidents in locations around each school community. The IS 298 sign reminds drivers of the dangers of distracted and impaired driving, especially texting while driving and DWI. 

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Project Info

Location: 85 Watkins Street Brooklyn, NY 11212

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Walk around your neighborhood. Identify some locations that are suitable for this sign.
Question about the Mural
DWI includes more than just drunk driving. What other dangerous influences on irresponsible driving are conveyed through this sign?
Legend Symbol
The school slogan “CPR”- Citizenship, Pride, and Respect is shown on a banner on the bottom of the sign and on the license plate of the car.