The Key to Success

Project Description

Through a multi-project mural collaboration, Groundswell and EBCHS transformed the exterior of the school to mirror the positive transformations taking place within.
“The Key to Success,” the third in the series, utilizes many symbols to define both metaphorically and literally the “key” to success. To make success a literal aspiration, the mural is in the shape of a key. At the base there are two sides: one side features buildings and the other includes trees. A woman pulls a lever between gears on the side with buildings while a man waters the trees on the other side. The key rises into a clenched fist of power symbolizing strength and determination, adorned by wings and a banner which reads: “Happiness is the key to success, Success is the key to happiness.” The clenched fist holds the golden ring of the key. Inside the golden ring is a night sky full of celestial bodies. In the middle, a ladder leads up to an elevator/rocket ship that is rising above the ring into untapped potential.  

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Project Info

Location: 9517 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11212

Fun Facts

“You always finish what you started.” – One of the youth artists, who attended every session
Suggested Activity
Draw a key that reflects your own vision on how to unlock your potential.
Fun Fact
In 2014, EBCHS was designated as a Community School as part of Mayor de Blasio’s Community School’s Initiative.