Kids Are Around So Please Slow Down

  • Final Design

Project Description

Beginning in November of 2014, 4th grade students at PS 29R on Staten Island, with the guidance and aid of Groundswell, collaborated to create a new safety sign for their community. The theme that they focused on was “speeding,” specifically addressing the general disregard drivers have for the “school slow zone,” and how this disregard proves extremely dangerous for the students and their families. By using images such those of happy students and drivers, a a sense of safety and content is implied; and by using the phrase “Kids Around, Slow Down,” the community is reminded that they are obeying rules on behalf of children in particular.
The creation of this sign is part of an ongoing partnership between Groundswell and the Department of Transportation; a partnership which strives to create safer, happier communities by enhancing the quality and imagery of street signs. PS 29’s sign has been installed in and around the direct neighborhood surrounding the school.

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Project Info

Location: 1581 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY 10314
Safety Sign Initiative

Livable Streets


New York City Department of Transportation
PS 29R

Lead Artist(s):
Pasqualina Azzarello



Twenty-eight 4th grade students
Printed Metal Sign

Dimensions: 30" Diameter

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Please walk around your neighborhood. Identify the location where this signage will be application.
Fun Fact
“Kids Are Around So Please Slow Down” is the second project the artist Pasqualina Azzarello has with Groundswell and DOT.
Question about the Mural
Are there any symbols that you would add to the sign/change? Why/why not?