Love is the Main Ingredient / Amor es el Ingrediente Principal

Project Description

“Love is the Main Ingredient / Amor es el Ingrediente Principal” was painted by Comunilife’s Life is Precious group, a suicide prevention group for young Latina women. The mural is housed in Comunilife’s kitchen. The concept of the mural developed from a thoughtful conversation about what food represents to them, such as love, happiness, a filling of emptiness, togetherness, and nourishment.
The design displays a connectedness between all of the figures through winding colors with music notes and food. Two women water the seed on an avocado boat that sprouts into a funky display of " La Vida es Preciosa” (Life is Precious).
An elder woman in the center of the mural shows the importance of loving and healthy familial exchange. She gathers the symbolic ingredients needed to nourish young women. The ingredients include items like unconditional love, courage, acceptance, and sisterhood. The key around the elder’s necklace is to open the door of the young woman's heart on the opposite wall. Latina culture is evident in food and instruments as well as the classic Pilon, which is used to bring all ingredients together. 

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Project Info

Location: 113 Throop Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206
East Williamsburg

Community Commission

Women's Empowerment



New York City Council
STARS Citywide Girls Initiative

Lead Artist(s):
Crystal Bruno

Assistant Artist(s):
Micaela Anaya



A team of young women in Comunilife’s Life is Precious Program
Acrylic on Plaster

Dimensions: 10 x 45 ft

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Create a recipe of all the “ingredients” to needed to nourish a young, empowered woman, such as community and creativity.
Fun Fact
The key words used to guide the artists were inclusion, community building, support, family, and the phrase “you’re not alone.”
“We get love, we get to give love, and we get food!” – Youth artist when asked how Life is Precious impacts them