Mother of All

  • The young women were very proud that the work they created would be installed in public and help inspire hundreds of community members.
  • An early sketch of “Mother of All.”

Project Description

Groundswell was commissioned by Montefiore Medical Center to engage young women residents of Horizons Juvenile Center in the creation of two new murals for the inside of two Montefiore OB/GYN clinics. This collaboration proved a powerful opportunity to engage women from various economic and cultural backgrounds and allow them to provide meaningful support to one another. Visitors to the Montefiore clinics will be positively impacted by the presence of art, while the young women from Horizons were offered a public platform to share their perspectives and talents while positively impacting the broader community. “Mother of All” depicts a surrealist image of a reclining mother and baby. The mother’s braids and blanket transform into an undulating quilt-like landscape with trees, cities and rivers. In the sky is a pattern of pearls, and diamonds. The color palette includes rich greens, browns, and blues in the sky, as well as metallic gold in the mother’s braids and hints of copper in the landscape. 

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Project Info

Location: 305 East 161st Street Bronx, NY 10451

Community Commission

Women's Empowerment


Montefiore Medical Center
Horizon Juvenile Center

Lead Artist(s):
Nicole Schulman

Assistant Artist(s):
Jess Poplawski



Six young women residents of Horizon Juvenile Center
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Dimensions: 4 x 8ft

Fun Facts

According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, the number of parents held in state prison increased from 413,100 in 1991 to 686,000 in 2007, with 1,4427,400 children having incarcerated parents in 2007.
Fun Fact
The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health at Montefiore Medical Center has been providing women with healthcare for over four decades.
"The young women all seemed very proud of the final products. I don’t think they really thought what they were creating would be a big deal, that would be seen in public by strangers, until they saw the murals finished." - Nicole Schulman, Lead Artist