My Sister’s Keeper

  • From addiction to recovery, a powerful lotus butterfly emerges.
  • A participant-created collage about recovery: “Dare to fight / love together. Now I’m flawless / inspiration / real / radiance. Hands up!!”
  • A sketch of the sisters shows the delicacy of the moment.
  • The three scenes represent the various aspects of life for a woman recovering from addiction.
  • To honor the sisterhood formed during the mural making process, several of the women create keepsakes.
  • Lead Artist Crystal Bruno delivers a powerful speech about the project at the dedication.

Project Description

“My Sister’s Keeper” illustrates the unique challenges faced by women on their road to self-sufficiency and recovery from addiction. The artist team was comprised of women in recovery, and together they created a mindful celebration of sisterhood and transformation for an audience of women who need to see reflections of themselves they can identify with and celebrate. The mural depicts several scenes important to a woman’s recovery from addiction. In one scene, two women sit together in sisterhood. One sister in the back weaves the light of possibility and positive change into the other’s hair. In another scene, there is a powerful image of transformation. A figure of a woman hunches over as she unplugs herself from addiction. A beautiful lotus—symbolizing triumph after struggle—blossoms out of her back. From the lotus rises a butterfly and the metamorphosis it represents.
This project is made possible with public funds from the New York City Council through its STARS Citywide Girls Initiative. 
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Project Info

Location: 716 Fairmount Place Bronx, NY 10457

Community Commission

Women's Empowerment


VIP Community Services

New York City Council

Lead Artist(s):
Crystal Bruno

Assistant Artist(s):
Lehna Huie



A team of woman clients of VIP Community Services
Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: 15 x 37 ft

Fun Facts

The central image represents the driving motivation of women who are trying to regain access to their children after treatment.
Over the course of the program, the women—many of whom were not close—grew together into a tight sisterhood.
VIP serves approximately 25,000 clients and patients per year through residential care, outpatient counseling, shelter care, medical services, medically supervised intervention programs, housing, and employment services.