No Nos Vamos

  • A tree of South Williamsburg grows between two loving hands.
  • The artists discuss at length what they cherish about their community.
  • Ladders help the artists reach the top of the wall.
  • The unveiling is a joyous moment for all.
  • This mural brings smiles to all who sees it.
  • A view of the two sections of the mural.

Project Description

Each week, a Groundswell team met with senior citizens twice for two hours to plan and execute our mural. The team began the process with a combination of reviewing the history of Los Sures and sharing stories of growing up in South Williamsburg. Participants brought in photos, swapped accounts of their youth and feelings of changes happening in the community. Developing a slue of imagery from these discussions, the team researched murals and conjured up a list of pictures it could use to communicate a visual story, relatable to all who would experience our mural. The Lead and Assistant Artist then developed the design and as a group the team all voted on appropriate imagery, text and composition. After a few revisions, everyone began to paint! It was a very democratic experience that included a lot of discussion, laughs and important aesthetic decision making. Throughout the whole process, everyone tried very hard to represent not only the experiences of the participants, but also the meaning of our work within the shifting cultural landscape of South Williamsburg.

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Project Info

Location: 201 Roebling Street Brooklyn , NY 11211

Community Commission

Heritage and History


Los Sures

Los Sures

Lead Artist(s):
Danielle McDonald



Jesus Castillo
Nilsa Gonzalez
Lucy Martinez
Angel Pinero
Maria Rengel
Lina Rodriquez
Mercedes Urquidez
Adrienne Vega
Acrylic on Parachute Cloth

Dimensions: Two walls, 225 sq ft

Fun Facts

Question about the Mural
Why is it important to the residents to declare “No Nos Vamos?”
Suggested Activity
Draw a picture that combines the main sights and landmarks of your neighborhood.
Fun Fact
Resting in the center of the tree is the main building of the Domino Sugar Factory.