Safety Sign Project - Walk Wisely

  • "Walk Wisely" reminds pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and to put down their media device when crossing the street.
  • The youth artists took a trip to NYC DOT's Sign Shop, where they learned about how traffic signs are made and what materials are used to capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers.
  • NYC DOT made the students their very own sign to bring back to their school community.
  • An NYC DOT educator shows the artists different signs and symbols used to communicate efficiently to moving traffic.
  • The research phase of the sign making process is important because the youth artists learn about the needs of the community partner as well as learn how to effectively communicate their message with a noticeable, readible, and durable sign.
  • The students look on as an NYC DOT Sign maker makes the metal sheets used for street signs.

Project Description

Groundswell and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) designed the Traffic Safety Sign Residency Program to engage public school students in exploring traffic safety information through the creation of original street signs. Signs designed collaboratively by students at each of our partner schools are digitally rendered by Groundswell artists, fabricated by NYC DOT’s Sign Shop, and temporarily installed in local locations students identify as in need of traffic signage. Through this program, students learn how signs and symbols can work to communicate ideas and explore visual art techniques to develop graphic images. These signs then help increase safety awareness and prevent accidents in locations around each school community. Students from PS 100 observed traffic safety challenges in their neighborhood and decided to tackle the relevant challenge of reminding pedestrians to pay attention to the road and not thier media device. 

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Project Info

Location: 800 Taylor Avenue Bronx, NY 10473
Hunts Point

Safety Sign Initiative

Livable Streets


PS 100
New York City Department of Transportation

Lead Artist(s):
Olivia Fu



5th grade students at PS 100.
Printed Metal Sign

Dimensions: 30" Diameter

Fun Facts

In 2012, NYC DOT launched the "Look! Safety Campaign" and installed messages spelling "Look" with eyes drawn in the O's. If you come across one of these 110 installments, you will notice that the "eyes" look towards oncoming traffic.
Suggested Activity
Think about areas in your neighborhood that may be in need of a traffic sign. Do people drive too fast near your school? Do people roll through stop signs by your house? Design a traffic safety sign that reflects traffic issues in your neighborhood.
Fun Fact
Even when pedestrians have the right of way, it is important that they look for oncoming traffic. In 2011, half of all pedestrians killed by a moving vehicle in a crosswalk had a green light to cross.