The Seed of Diversity

  • The full mural, an impressive eighty feet long.
  • Angel Garcia, lead artist, creates the imagery for the mural using sketches from the youth artists.
  • The team traces the image onto the parachute cloth using a projector.
  • Because the mural is so wide, the artists have to paint it in many sections.
  • The team and their supporters stand together at the dedication.
  • The imagery of the mural grows out of this baby—representing community—like a seed.

Project Description

Designed by a talented team of High School for Arts and Business students, “The Seed of Diversity” illustrates the diversity of the neighborhood of Corona, a vibrant community which is home to multi-generational families representing a multitude of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities. The mural was installed on the side of Food Bazaar Supermarket, adding a conversation around food diversity and how to support it into the fabric of the design.
The mural design is anchored by an image of an elder, knitting a quilt, illustrating the tight knit nature of the neighborhood. In the middle of the mural image is a baby designed to evoke a seed with roots emerging from it. Two large hands move to embrace the baby, representing the community taking care of its future. A dragon in the shape of a subway train gives further shape to the composition.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

“The Food Bazaar family is thrilled to share the work of these talented young people with our customers. Together, we are using art as a tool to beautify and enliven our community.” – Spencer An, President of Bogopa Service Corp/Food Bazaar Supermarkets.
Corona is in the borough Queens, which is the most diverse urban area in the world.
The subway dragon symbol alludes to the elevated subway trains present throughout the neighborhood