Sin Armas Sin Odio

Project Description

At PS 54 in the Bronx, a team of students created a mural to teach that they can live peacefully if everyone respects and values one another regardless of their differences. With this in mind, the PS 54 School Leadership Team, the Parent Association, the staff, and the Student Council embarked in a one-year long journey where the community, with support from Council Member Ritchie Torres, Community Board 7, and The Coalition Against Violence joined forces with Groundswell and created a mural against violence. “Sin Armas Sin Odio” only shows images of love, compassion, respect and value. Most of these images were created by the children of PS 54 and were beautifully transformed by Lead Artist Jeff Henriquez and Groundswell’s student apprentices.  The images show that the young artists hope for the absence of violence. This mural will be a constant reminder that the community can live in peace.

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Project Info

Location: 2703 Webster Avenue Bronx, NY 10458

Fun Facts

“Respectamos y valoramos uno al otro. Paremons la violencia.” – Quote from the mural
Question about the Mural
What does a peaceful world look like to you?
The clouds in the design’s sky is made up of children’s hands to represent that young people are the future.