Slow Down at the Intersection

  • Final Design
  • Neighborhood walk
  • Choosing the traffic safety issue
  • Artist presents the preliminary design.

Project Description

With the help and guidance of Groundswell artist Olivia Fu, seven residents of the Northeast Bronx Senior Center worked together to create a new street safety sign to serve the community they call home. As a part of Groundswell’s ongoing partnership with the Department of Transportation to create more vibrant, eye catching, and engaging street signs, the seniors created a sign around the centralized theme of pedestrian awareness. In the final design, phrases such as “Slow Down at the Intersection” and “Drive with Care,” along with images of pedestrians to emphasize that residents of all ages should be able to use their crosswalks without fear of being hit by trucks, busses or taxis. Also depicted is a walk sign, reiterating that pedestrians have an allotted time to cross, and should be able to use the full amount of time to cross.
The seniors involved toured both the neighborhood and DOT’s sign factory. They learned about the process of making new DOT signs, traffic issues pertinent to the Bronx, and what they could do to help. The result is a bright, colorful, effective new street sign to be installed in and around the neighborhood of the Northeast Bronx Senior Center. 

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Project Info

Location: 2968 Bruckner Blvd Bronx, NY 10465
Safety Sign Initiative

Livable Streets


New York City Department of Transportation

Lead Artist(s):
Olivia Fu



Seven seniors residents of the center
Printed Metal Sign

Dimensions: 30" Diameter

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Observe the elderlies around you. What other signage can be developed for a more senior-friendly street?
Suggested Activity
Walk around the neighborhood. Identify the locations where the signage can be placed.
Question about the Mural
How do you think the symbols in this sign will help create awareness in the Bronx community?