Stages of Greenpoint

  • The mural reflects the past, present, and future of Greenpoint.
  • Groundswell youth researched the long history and significant impact of the Greenpoint community, which can be seen throughout final mural design.
  • Primed, gridded, sketched and ready to be painted!
  • The team worked indoors at Groundswell's studio on parachute cloth that was later installed onsite.
  • The youth, artists, partners, funders, and elected officials pose for the camera at the dedication.
  • This detail is an ode to Greenpoint's history of rope manufacturing, and the rise of the filmaking industry in recent years.

Project Description

Beginning in October 2013, 24 youth artists came together to celebrate Greenpoint through the arts. Over the course of the project, the youth participants got to know the Greenpoint neighborhood by researching its history, visiting with key community stakeholders, educating themselves about the character and aspirations of the neighborhood, and translating this knowledge into a mural design.
With the support of Broadway Stages Ltd., home to shows such as “The Good Wife” and “Blue Bloods,” the youth learned about the extensive history of TV and film in Brooklyn, with a special emphasis on Greenpoint. They also researched how the industry has transformed the neighborhood from a powerhouse of shipping and transport to one of artistic influence. This theme, as well as iconic landmarks and an homage to the immigrant history of the neighborhood, is represented throughout the mural.
For the TEMA youth, this mural represents not only the history of the development of Greenpoint, but the strength and future of it as a community. The mural celebrates many aspects of what makes Greenpoint great place to live and work.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

"The mural has been a way for us to learn about the immigrant families who first settled here, but also embrace the new people who are coming in, the exciting evolution of Greenpoint’s restaurants, and its role in the film industry." -Esteban del Valle
Fun Fact
Broadway Stages has the largest film, television and music production facilities in New York, operating 28 stages in Brooklyn and Queens on over 1,000,000 square feet.
Greenpoint is home to the second largest Polish-American population, coming in close behind Chicago. You can see this represented in the upper right-hand corner of the mural.