• Final Design
  • Neighborhood Walk with the Manhattan Boro Engineer’s Office
  • Designing our sign
  • Collective editing of the draft
  • Field trip to the DOT Sign Shop in Maspeth, Queens
  • We did it!

Project Description

Fifteen seniors worked with Groundswell artist Jess Poplawski to create a traffic safety sign that addresses their concerns about safe street crossing in their neighborhood. The team worked closely with the NYC Department of Transportation to learn more about safety measures and interviewed their fellow residents about their experiences as pedestrians. The sign was fabricated at the DOT sign shop in Queens and installed at a key intersection in the community. 
This sign is composed of a red stop-sign shape against a yellow caution square. The stop sign features the words “Stop, Look, Walk” with silhouettes of seniors crossing at a crosswalk. The top corners of the square have images of distractions to be mindful of and the bottom corners are images of others that may share the road with seniors around the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Think carefully about the message of the sign. Walk round your neighborhood. Identify where do you think is appropriate to put up the same?
Fun Fact
The name of The Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center honor Mr. Isaacs, a historic Manhattan Borough President who was considered one of the most effective members of New York City government and was known for his “missionary zeal,” and high standards.
Question about the Mural
Observe the sign closely. What do you think the images on the corners mean?