Unbounded Steps

Project Description

For most students, spring break means relaxing at home or with friends. Instead of taking a vacation, the high school sophomores in JPMorgan Chase’s program, The Fellowship Initiative (TFI), used their spring breaks to engage in learning activities designed to help them discover new talents, build their skills, and deepen connections to their JPMorgan Chase mentors.
Through a partnership with Groundswell, the TFI Fellows participated in conversations about what it means to be successful, and how to achieve their personal and professional goals. Two teams created two murals in New York, and another two teams painted two more murals in Los Angeles. All of the art was developed and painted by the TFI Fellows, under the direction of the Groundswell artists. This project provided the TFI Fellows with opportunities to hone their research, observation, analysis, and collaboration skills. TFI mentors contributed to early brainstorm sessions by discussing strategies for achieving goals, focusing on personal growth, and being successful in today’s competitive economy.
The New York team led by Chris Soria created “Unbonded Steps.” Achievement is represented as a step pyramid in which each succeeding platform is supported by a foundation that expands as it is incrementally traversed. The pinnacle of the pyramid is obscured by two hands coming down from the top, with a handful of soil and flowers growing out if it, representing our co-creation with the natural world. Roots extend down from the soil, enveloping the steps of the pyramid with impeding coverage, suggesting that overcoming obstacles and bumps in the way can contribute to our lives once they're succeeded. To the left and right of the pyramid are two faces, one looking back at the past and the other looking toward the future. 

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Project Info

Location: JP Morgan Chase, 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017

Community Commission

Male Identity


JP Morgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan Chase & Co

Lead Artist(s):
Chris Soria

Assistant Artist(s):
Jose de Jesus Rodriguez



JP Morgan Chase’s The Fellowship Initiative fellows aged 14-18
Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: Three 4 x 5 Stretched Canvas

Fun Facts

This mural challenged the youth to consider their approach to success, and through art they were able to explore their roles as community leaders.
Question about the Mural
How do you define achievement?
Pyramid: The concealing of the peak of the pyramid implies that success and achievement are an ongoing process, and that it is our paths which determine the quality of our lives.