Project Description

Through an afternoon mural-making program through Groundswell, a team of IS 62 Ditmas 8th grade students transformed five sets of the school's entrance doors to welcome students with a love of learning and their community. With colorful scenes representing their aspirations, the youth artists captured the energy of being in middle school.
For their design, the youth wanted to symbolize the growth that occurs when students of Ditmas first arrive on their first day of school to when they mature into 8th graders ready to tackle the world of high school. The panels tell a story of a student being led through the school environment on their first day.
Scenes include a crowd of students entering the school, a student performing on stage, a bustling hallway full with students ready to learn, and a playground scene that playfully includes a student spilling milk. The composition of each set of doors includes on letter from the acronym STEAM (science, technology, English, art, and math), which includes the main educational disciplines around which IS 62 Ditmas centers their curriculum. 

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Project Info

Fun Facts

“A positive thing that came out of this mural is that because we put our ideas into the mural, it feels like I can be more expressive with other people.” - Gisselle Marin, youth participant
Fun Fact
The design was heavily inspired by the team’s interest in anime (Japanese animation).
Legend Symbol
Draw a scene that represents what you think being in middle school is like.