Yes She Can!

  • The completed “Yes She Can!” mural, loacted in Hunts Point.
  • Groundswell artist Crystal Bruno traces the design onto the primed wall.
  • A detail of the mural.
The Uptown Girl Mural celebrates Hunts Point and its womenYes She Can!

Project Description

"Yes She Can!" is a mural that celebrates the relationship between the Bronx community and its environment. This mural proudly and boldly displays the words, “You do not have to move out of your neighborhood to live in a better one.” This mural portrays two strong women towering over neighborhood buildings while bringing nature and light into their community, emphasizing female strength and leadership. This is a powerful message not only for the women of Hunts Point, but for the entire South Bronx community. One of the women displayed in this mural is planting an avocado seed, a plant that is notoriously difficult to sprout; it requires the same patience, consistency, and love required to help a community to blossom.


About that great mural,This is just a small thank you for helping make the world a beettr place.The bricks and mortor oughta be looking good,paint that mural with music feeling and space,lifting spirits lifting hopes and drifting towards your dream, don't be afraid to dream, because it's where tomorrows children live.Be brave in these days of change, and allow yourself to give.

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Project Info

Location: 901 Hunts Point Avenue Bronx, NY 10474
Hunts Point

Community Commission

Women's Empowerment


Majora Carter Group

Lead Artist(s):
Crystal Bruno

Assistant Artist(s):
Katie Yamasaki
Menshahat Ancewicz



Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: 46 x 22ft

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
When you look at “Yes She Can!” what symbols stand out to you? How does this mural make you feel?
Fun Fact
Hunts Point is a peninsula located at the intersection of the Bronx River and the East River, which is actually a tidal strait connecting Upper New York Bay to the Long Island Sound.
Legend Symbol
The avocado. The avocado originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico.