School-based Programs

Building Authentic Partnerships

Groundswell partners with public elementary, middle, and high schools throughout New York City to integrate the visual arts into the academic curriculum. Each school partnership culminates in a public art project that reflects the school's mission and furthers its educational objectives. School-based projects can take place in an afterschool setting or be integrated into the school day.
If you are a teacher or principal and are interested in partnering with Groundswell, please complete our community partner inquiry form.


During the school year.

Past Projects

  • PS 310 fifth graders focused on abstraction and metaphors while creating this mural.
    YEAR 2015

    The Wonderful Journey of Learning

    LOCATION: Fort Hamilton Parkway between 61st and 62nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11219

    “The Wonderful Journey of Learning” mural transforms a graffiti-ridden bridge in Sunset Park and enlivens the...

  • On the book: “A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.” – Alan Watts
    YEAR 2015

    Unlock Your Dreams

    LOCATION: 525 East 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11218

    Ditmas I.S. 62 is a community, not just a school. To begin the mural design process, youth artists researched the many...

  • In this mural the horse, as the animal used to conquer the Americas, represent the oppression the youth needs to overcome.
    YEAR 2015

    Jaguar’s Quest

    LOCATION: 1053 41st Street Borough Park, NY 11219

    First opened in 2006, West Brooklyn Community High School is a transfer school that has enabled hundreds of students to...