School-based Programs

Building Authentic Partnerships

Groundswell partners with public elementary, middle, and high schools throughout New York City to integrate the visual arts into the academic curriculum. Each school partnership culminates in a public art project that reflects the school's mission and furthers its educational objectives. School-based projects can take place in an afterschool setting or be integrated into the school day.
If you are a teacher or principal and are interested in partnering with Groundswell, please complete our community partner inquiry form.


During the school year.

Past Projects

  • YEAR 2015

    Double Means Trouble

    LOCATION: 33 Ferndale Avenue Staten Island, NY 10314

    Groundswell and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) designed the Traffic Safety Sign Residency...

  • YEAR 2015

    The Key to Success

    LOCATION: 9517 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11212

    Through a multi-project mural collaboration, Groundswell and EBCHS transformed the exterior of the school to mirror the...

  • YEAR 2015

    When We Were Kings: A Royal Past

    LOCATION: 605 Shepherd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11208

    Through a partnership with SCO Family of Services and East New York Middle School for Excellence, Groundswell...