Julia Cocuzza

Art making and prime moving mostly, Julia Cocuzza is a Brooklyn-based painter, muralist, designer, printmaker, and educator born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her art often explores the loaded yet fleeting complexity and fragility of obsolete media, music, social interaction, language, and urban living. She’s smitten and haunted by fractured colors, broken lines, jagged perspectives, dissipating forms, repetition, outmoded objects, transit maps, memory, devastation, and other remains of day-to-day human biz. She completed her BFA from Syracuse University, MFA from Brooklyn College, and artist residencies with Wassaic Art Project (Wassaic, NY), Prairie Center for the Arts (Peoria, IL), and The Invisible Dog (Brooklyn, NY).  She is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Griot Apparel, a Brooklyn-based “educational outfit” that promotes history, biography, visual art and story telling via the accessible medium of t-shirts.  Fascinated with public art, murals, and graffiti since childhood, her professional concentration began in 2012 with a Mural Apprenticeship with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, where she continues to freelance.  She has contributed to numerous major murals across Brooklyn and Philadelphia.  In addition, she is an Adjunct Instructor at Brooklyn College and Guttman Community College (CUNY).  Her free time is mostly spent dancing, spinning records, strap hanging, jay walking, and high fiving.