Vince Ballentine

Vince Ballentine received his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and continued education in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has been trained in Illustration, Graphic Arts, Film/Video production and Art Education. Since graduating Ballentine has been a successful graphic designer for Hybrid Apparel and Fortune Fashions both based in Los Angeles. His paintings have been exhibited in Bo Bridges and Mid-City Arts galleries also located in southern California. Ballentine's canvas became bigger when he began painting murals, which lead himto New York to work with SpreadartNYC, Five Pointz creative and Groundswell. He was also able to edit a feature length documentary, Afraid of dark, which was showcased in such locations as the LIU Film Festival, Pomona College and the Chicago Cultural Center. Along Ballentine's travels he has worked with organizations such as Progressive Arts Alliance that went into schools and low-income settings to teach kids/adults art after their programs were cut from the budget. He believes that nothing is impossible with a proper plan of action. No one is lost when someone has left footprints. Ballentine encourages others to make their mark and pay it forward!