Assembling the Future

  • With the ability to expand and focus, the mind is nestled between the macro (the cosmos) and the micro (the molecular).
  • Community partners review the design proposed by the team at the design share.
  • At the dedication, several of the girls stand forward to speak to the mural’s impact on their lives.
  • Students from the Community Health Academy of the Heights listen to [SOMEONE] speak about “Assembling the Future.”
  • It takes a community to assemble the future, support a child, and paint a mural.
  • Burgundy is one of CHAH school colors, and yellows and oranges stand for CLOTH’s colors.

Project Description

Designed by a talented team of New York City young women, “Assembling the Future” illustrates that the building of a strong healthy child is a community responsibility. They were inspired by the community partners for the project: Community League of the Heights (CLOTH), which provides services for the entire family, from child to senior citizen, and Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH).
The mural design centers on a golden, smiling child covered with a honeycomb motif. A young woman and an elder help build the child by placing honeycombs where pieces were missing. Surrounding the three figures are hexagonal shapes which show other components of a community’s health, such as education and housing. “Honeycombs are an advanced natural design,” said Lead Artist Crystal Bruno, “because they get the most out of the least amount of material. Their stability, harmony, and efficiency represent CLOTH and CHAH’s strength at promoting health.”
This project is made possible with public funds from the New York City Council through its STARS Citywide Girls Initiative. Through creating a mural focused everyone’s contributions, the youth women of color artists of “Assembling the Future” contributed their leadership towards inspiring others through their empowerment.
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Project Info

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
About 750 bees need to work their entire lifetimes to produce just one pound of honey.
“Our doors are always open to neighbors in need.” – Community League of the Heights’ philosophy
Question about the Mural
How many hexagons can you count in the mural?