Diaspora Arts

Project Description

Turnaround Arts students and staff celebrated the Afro-Caribbean diaspora in a mural. Painted on the school’s auditorium stage, “Diaspora Arts” will be used as a backdrop for a variety of events. Centered in the design are the images of the Ceiba tree and the seagrapes, both of which are found in countries across the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. They symbolize the ubiquitous living beauty that is found wherever we are. The artists used theatrical techniques of stage design and created a depth in layer by painting and contour-cutting plywood for some of the foreground seagrapes.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Coccoloba uvifera is the Latinate name for the seagrape.
“What kind of pictures, symbols, animals, plant-life, or people should be included in an artwork for your school?” – survey question asked to the school community during the design phase
Question about the Mural
Why are patterns important to the mural design?