Stapleton: The Community As Home

Project Description

Groundswell, New York’s leading organization dedicated to community public art, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and New York City Council Public Housing Chair Ritchie Torres collaborated on a major one-year initiative entitled “Public Art / Public Housing.” The pieces were designed and installed by a total of 200 young adult NYCHA residents ages 16-24, in the transformation of vacant walls throughout public housing developments in all five boroughs. The tenant's association at each development guided the creation of three mural projects, for a total of 15 new public artworks throughout New York City.
The first mural at Stapleton Houses, “Stapleton: The Community As Home” is an homage to the history and current atmosphere at Stapleton Houses. The mural captures how the young artists, residents of Stapleton, value their home and express their creativity. The artist team sketched a vision for the future of Stapleton and its residents: vibrant, diverse, and strong. The mural displays themes of unity and strength through the implementation of the hand and muscular figure that occupy much of the mural. A motif of vines and flowers conveys growth and development. A tree holds the Stapleton community. “Stapleton: The Community As Home” captures the community’s pride and aspirations. 

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Project Info

Fun Facts

The Stapleton House sits atop various symbols such as a boat, stadium, and tree to represent Staten Island Values.
Suggested Activity
Try and count all of the figures within the mural.
Question about the Mural
What significance do you think the flight of stairs within the face holds?