The Beauty of Balance

  • “The Beauty of Balance” unites justice and liberty with a profound New York City aesthetic.
  • The Secondary School for Law youth critically engaged the topic through writing reflections.
  • At the dedication, a youth recalls how this mural gave him an important creative outlet.
  • Representatives of the artist team stand cheerfully with their certificates.
  • After the dedication, Council Member Brad Lander and the youth discuss the mural and highlights of life at Secondary School for Law.
  • From her perch, Lady Liberty sits with a pensive, honored gaze.

Project Description

This street art-inspired mural affirms the core values of the Secondary School for Law: Justice, Equity, Family, and Community. One of four schools housed on the John Jay Campus in Park Slope, the Secondary School for Law is in the midst of a positive transformation, with increased enrollment, strengthened teaching, deepened supports for students, and graduation rates on the rise. With a recently unrolled visual identity and logo as inspiration, student muralists have celebrated this transformation through a powerful new public artwork that will educate thousands of future students about the school’s special focus on law.
The youth artists created imagery to illustrate Secondary School for Law’s commitment to justice and equity, embodied in its tagline “One Law One Voice One Spirit.” The youth artists were inspired by street art and graffiti and incorporated original text from their personal prose into the mural design. With a youth-driven, street art-inspired mural, these emerging artists and scholars are calling for equality and justice under the law for all. In doing so, they have added their voices and perspectives to the important public dialogue taking place in communities across the country, from Ferguson to Baltimore, to right here in Park Slope.
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Project Info

Fun Facts

“Justice + Equality are hard to find in this generation.” – Groundswell youth participant, during a reflection workshop.
Question about the Mural
What is your favorite constellation?
In the mural, Lady Liberty pours “Peace” “Equality” “Family” and “Community” flowers out of a “Justice” jar to symbolize peace.