Brooklyn: Here and Now

  • The finished mural, at the Kings County Criminal Court on Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn.
  • Youth artists prime, grid, and sketch the design for the mural at the Groundswell studio.
  • Primed, gridded, sketched – ready to paint!
  • Youth participants begin the process of painting the mural.
  • The mural receives a bright, blue, sunny sky with the help of Groundswell’s youth artists.
  • Seen here, the lower panel of the finished mural.

Project Description

In 2014, four Groundswell youth apprentices came together to create a mural at the Kings County Criminal Court on Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn. Specifically located in the office of Brooklyn Justice Initiatives, the mural represents the borough of Brooklyn, depicting significant historical, recreational, and governmental landmarks.
A tree supports the design from the ground up, representing the constant growth and strength of the borough. In the upper half, the justice scales reach up to the sky, supported from behind by a skyline depicting important Brooklyn locations, including Coney Island, the Grand Army Plaza Arch, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many more.
Groundswell youth were also aided by ten participants from the Brooklyn Justice Initiatives youth programs, ultimately resulting in a mural that will inspire those who work in Brooklyn Justice Initiatives’ offices and participate in its programs for years to come. The Brooklyn Justice Initiatives is a project of The Center for Court Innovation, a longstanding and trusted Groundswell partner.

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Project Info

Location: 120 Schermerhorn Brooklyn, NY 11201

Fun Facts

Suggested Activity
Observe the skyline of Brooklyn. Sketch down other landmarks you will add to the mural. Please also explain why.
By providing meaningful pre-trial supervised release and post-conviction sentencing options, Brooklyn Justice Initiatives seeks to use a misdemeanor arrest as a window of opportunity to change the direction of a defendant’s life.
Question about the Mural
The upper half of the mural depicts some famous landmarks across Brooklyn. Which landmarks can you identify, and have you been to any?