Carnival of Aspirations

  • “Community. Equity. Reflection.”
  • The mural’s draft design is surrounded by youth’s drawings at the design share.
  • The team used scaffolding to reach the highest points.
  • On a community painting day, the youth were joined by Brooklyn Nets staff.
  • At the dedication, two youth show that this mural will support the future of Brownsville.
  • With four murals at the site, the exterior of EBCHS is as bright and transformative as the school itself.

Project Description

Learning has been proven fun through a “Carnival” of color, vibrancy, and community engagement with youth artists. With three monumental murals already installed on the exterior of the school, Groundswell returned to East Brooklyn Community High School (EBCHS) to engage students in the completion of a fourth mural to bring a positive vision of education to EBCHS students.
This mural depicts East Brooklyn Community High School as a beacon of hope for students in the community, providing students with opportunities and support they might not find elsewhere. Through an overarching theme of a vintage amusement park or carnival, the design illustrates how the school stands apart from traditional avenues of education. The design invites students in and providing them with all of the support they need through thoughtful activities and programming, making school exciting and fun. Each symbol on the mural represents an aspect of the school's functions and core values.
Through this multi-project mural collaboration, Groundswell and EBCHS transformed the exterior of the school to mirror the positive transformations taking place within. The murals articulate a vision of joyful exploration, discovery and change that every student deserves to experience in school and carry with them throughout their lives
This project is a product of the Community School partnership between East Brooklyn Community High School and SCO Family of Services in collaboration with the DOE Office of Community Schools and the United Way of NYC.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
“A $1 investment in a Community School in NYC can deliver between $10.30 and $14.80 in return on investment.” – Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York City Community Schools Strategic Plan
“The mural makes me want to look at things in a perspective, and find bigger meaning in everything,” said youth artist Stefan Leeke
The strong man: the strong man and his mallet that represent power and knowledge.