Connectivity Continued

  • The brightly colored design merges organic imagery with technological equipment into an imaginative landscape populated by children whose diversity reflects the population of PS 506 and the surrounding neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
  • On the sketches she puts up, there is a lightbulb, a central symbol which combined the technology and knowledge themes.
  • The bright summer sun does not stop this artist from painting.
  • The community of Sunset Park and the faculty of PS 506 applaud the participants at the dedication ceremony of “Connectivity Continued”.
  • Artist Conor McGrady takes video of two proud participants.
  • “Today’s dreams are the answers to tomorrow’s questions.”

Project Description

A group of eight young women worked with professional artists Crystal Bruno and Tanya Albrigtsen-Frable to create a colorful mural at the front entrance of PS 506 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Groundswell partnered with PS 506 and the Center for Family Life to create this monumental mural. “Connectivity Continued” is inspired by the school’s theme of global communication through technology and journalism with an emphasis on multicultural children. The continued emergence of new technology can be a scary thought for some, but the youth working on this project wanted to show how technology is positive and necessary for humans to connect and flourish in an ever-growing society. A vine grows throughout the mural and intertwines with the diverse groups of children playing and learning. The vine also evokes a wire, highlighting both technology and the balance of nature. A light bulb represents the ideas and creativity that are born through the use of technology.

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Project Info

Location: 330 59th Street Brooklyn, NY 11220

Fun Facts

“This project didn’t just change the wall space on 60th street, but it also changed the internal landscape of our youth participants, revealing a world of beauty and possibility. It matured them in positive ways.” – Crystal Bruno, Lead Artist
Legend Symbol
The light bulb. The light bulb is the symbol of invention and intelligence. When a light bulb is pictured over someone's head, it indicates that the person just had a "bright idea.”
“Technology is not a bad thing. We shouldn’t be afraid of it. It’s really become a good thing.” – Youth Participant