Domino Effect

  • This half of the mural urges everyone who sees it to participate in keeping their community safe.
  • One of the youth draws a child holding a sign urging for “No Violence.”
  • After a design presentation to community partners, the team gathers for a photo.
  • With some armored with plastic wrap, Kappa III artists begin painting blocks of color.
  • Artists use a grid system to ensure that the mural keeps to proper proportions.
  • Students’ hands reach upwards in creativity, success, community, and celebration.

Project Description

Following a series of violent incidents within the local neighborhood, youth artists expressed a strong desire to leverage the mural making process as an opportunity to send a message to the broader community that they do not feel safe and desire change. “Domino Effect” illustrates how Kappa III equips its students with the tools and skills needed to strengthen their community and achieve educational and professional success. In their design workshops, the students created imagery to celebrate Kappa III’s commitment to fostering a nurturing, learning environment where young people in the Bronx can activate their full potential.
The youth artists created a mural which celebrates Kappa III as a safe haven for students – a supportive space in which young people can thrive and develop into leaders and professionals. In the mural, dominoes represent the devastating impact an act of violence has across the community while paint brushes and pens illustrate the positive impact an act of creativity can make. The mural frames an entrance to the building.

Download educational curriculum (pdf)

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Project Info

Fun Facts

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France, author, as quoted in a banner hanging in Kappa III.
Suggested Activity
Consider how violence affects your communities and how you can prevent it.
“Acts of violence in the community are like dominoes falling that affect each one of us.” – Groundswell Youth Artist