Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!

  • "Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!"
  • A detail from the mural envisions a more resilient future for Sunset Park.
We Rose Above: Healing Communities Through Public Art

Project Description

“Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!” was created as part of Recovery Diaspora, a collaborative citywide public art installation created by Swoon, together with youth from Red Hook, Coney Island, Staten Island, Sunset Park and the Rockaways, among the neighborhoods most affected by the storm. As a response to the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, teen artists drew from stories of healing and recovery to create a visual narrative that captures the concerns, hopes, and overall spirit of these communities.
A group of young people from Sunset Park designed “Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!,” to be created as part of the “Come Together: Surviving Sandy” exhibition. This 60,000+ square foot arts exhibition was presented at Brooklyn’s Industry City, a hub of creative manufacturing and innovation.
Through an intensive mural design process, Groundswell teen artists researched the impact of Sandy on Sunset Park and created a mural design celebrating the resilience of the neighborhood. They then painted the mural live during weekends, when the exhibition was open to the public, further engaging the broader public in the process.

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Project Info

Location: 220 36th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232
Sunset Park

Community Commission



Industry City

Lead Artist(s):
Yana Dimitrova

Assistant Artist(s):
Angel Garcia



Anayshah Bashier
Weng "Sammi" Chan
Mercy Carpenter
Marcos Diaz
Jasper Kerbs
Tiana Ratcliffe
McRonald Russell
Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: 10 x 25ft

Fun Facts

“I can't believe Chuck Close and I are in the same exhibition. I can't wait to have a studio and make my work.” - Groundswell Youth Artist
Question about the Mural
Can you think of other artistic ways to help or provide support to those affected by Superstorm Sandy and/or other natural disasters?
Fun Fact
"Come Together: Surviving Sandy" was a two month pop-up exhibition showing solidarity towards artists affected by Superstorm Sandy that helped raise money for those in need.