Hidden Treasures of Brownsville


Project Description

Inspired by the theme of hidden treasures, nine young people on probabtion worked with Groundswell artists to complete an intensive mural research and design process, which included a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum. Through this process, the youth artists discovered one of the most important assets within the community - themselves. The resulting artwork invites other neighborhood young people and residents to discover new connections with one another as they celebrate the talents and treasures hidden in their own hearts and minds. This mural was created as part of "Transform/Restore Brownsville," a two-year participatory public art project, created by Groundswell with our partners the NYC Department of Probation and Pitkin Avenue BID.

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Project Info

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
The project was launched with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) through its national Our Town inititative with additiona support from Governor Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Council.
"Having young people from our community take the lead on these transformative art projects furthers our shared vision to create more beautiful, liveable streets in the heart of Brownsville..." - Daniel Murphy, Executive Director of Pitkin Avenue BID
Suggested Activity
Create a list of your own "hidden treasures" to get inspired!