Journey to Success

  • The mural’s protagonist encounters many obstacles on the road to success.
  • Shown here are early sketches and design ideas for the mural.
  • In envisioning the mural, the students decided to incorporate a pigeon as the central figure.
  • Through hard work and persistence, you can achieve success.
  • The completed mural was installed in the school's ground floor hallway.

Project Description

Through a partnership with IS 291 in Brooklyn, Groundswell organized the creation of a mural for the ground floor of the school based on the theme of “Journey to Success.” In collaboration with the school’s afterschool program, students worked together with Groundswell artists to create original symbols of the words “success” and “journey.” The final mural design illustrates educational opportunities and obstacles. A pigeon serves as the mural’s protagonist, moving through life’s challenges toward success.

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Project Info

Location: 231 Palmetto Street Brooklyn, NY 11221

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
In keeping with the mural’s theme, the artists and students had to overcome the unusual obstacle of painting on school lockers.
Fun Fact
The entire process was completed over the course of nine afterschool sessions.
Question about the Mural
Which famous bridge makes an appearance in this Groundswell project?