Live to Learn and Learn to Live

Project Description

Through this project, incarcerated teen artists had the unique opportunity to directly impact the jail environment which incarcerates them by transforming an industrial hallway into a blank canvas. The teen artists began by reflecting on the learning they have done in their lives to date, and then identified continued learning opportunities which might be harnessed to positively impact their futures. Through this process, the youth artists hoped to create a finished mural that would inspire the same reflective practice in their peers and encourage future students incarcerated at Rikers Island to imagine new opportunities in their future.

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Project Info

Location: Robert N. Davoren Complex, Rikers Island East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
The Rikers Island Complex is one of the world's largest correctional institutions.
Question about the Mural
What does the text of the mural emphasize?
The average rate of recidivism is 70% for young people coming out of Rikers