Moving Forward


Project Description

Created by 17 young adult artists and 2 professional artists, this mural helps to create an inviting gateway at the entryway to this historic Brooklyn neighborhood. The text-based image captures the cross-sector dynamism present within the neighborhood and reads “Brownsville Moving Forward.” Important community figures are highlighted throughout the mural, including renowned activist and educator Rosetta “Mother” Gaston, who founded local hidden treasure Heritage House, housed on the second floor of the Stone Avenue Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. This artwork was created as part of “Transform/Restore: Brownsville,” a two-year participatory public art project, created by Groundswell with our partners the NYC Department of Probation and the Pitkin Avenue BID. The project was launched with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) through its national Our Town inititative with additiona support from Governor Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Council.

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Project Info

Location: 1788 Pitkin Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11212

Fun Facts

Question about the Mural
How many notable neighborhood figures can you identify in the mural?
The Stone Avenue Library, where the Brownsville Heritage House is located, is the oldest children's library in the country.
Fun Fact
Former NBA player Greg "Jocko" Jackson, who was unofficially given the title "Mayor of Brownsville" due to his involvement in the community, is depicted in the mural.