On the Outside Looking In

  • "On the Outside Looking In" reflects the artistic vibrancy of its immediate neighborhood.
  • An early design sketch for the mural.
  • The mural is first outlined on the wall in black and white.
  • Lead Artist Misha Tyutyunik then fills in the mural's muted color palette.
  • A detail of the mural shows two woodland animals enjoying warm cups of coffee.

Project Description

Dunkin’ Donuts commissioned Groundswell to create a new mural that both depicts the changing nature of Williamsburg and taps into the neighborhood’s vibrant community and artistic identity. The mural illustrates a fanciful scene of animals seated around tree stumps while sipping coffee and staring out at the concrete jungle through the windows.  The work plays with notions of indoor versus outdoor, causing onlookers to pause and reflect while also bringing a bit of nature to an urban environment.  “On the Outside Looking In” also draws attention to the various changes and transitions occurring in the outside environment and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Project Info

Location: 182 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

Community Commission

Arts and Culture


Dunkin' Donuts

Lead Artist(s):
Misha Tyutyunik



Robert Howell
Angie Roman
Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: 8 x 30ft

Fun Facts

Timeout has found that half of New Yorkers enjoy ice coffee year-round.
Question about the Mural
Why do you think the artist chose to feature animals instead of people in this fanciful mural?
Fun Fact
According to The Washington Post, New Yorkers drink seven times as much coffee as the rest of the United States.