South Brooklyn

  • "South Brooklyn" brings the beauty of the boardwalk into the South Brooklyn Youth Consortium community center.
  • The rough sketch of the mural is painted onto the wall with light brown shades.
  • The figures included in the mural are composites meant to represent local residents.
  • A boy looks out to what will eventually become the boardwalk.
  • Later on in the process, more people are included along the Coney Island shore.

Project Description

“South Brooklyn” celebrates the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn. Groundswell artist Bayunga Kialeuka worked with youth and administrators from the South Brooklyn Youth Consortium, a community center in Coney Island, to create a mural focused on family, community, and education. The mural depicts local residents in a tutoring scene in one of the center’s classrooms and an outdoor scene on the famed Coney Island boardwalk. The mural highlights well-known landmarks of Coney Island while also celebrating the day-to-day activities of this vibrant community.

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Project Info

Location: 2811 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn, NY 112244

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
The famed Coney Island Cyclone has the distinction of being the most copied roller coaster in history. It has inspired several replicas around the world. The Cyclone became a National Historic Landmark in 1991.
Coney Island is actually a peninsula. It was once a barrier island but has since been connected to the mainland by landfill.
Question about the Mural
Did you notice that the pattern of the floor in the mural matches the one in the real community center?