We Spark Change

Project Description

“We Spark Change” expresses the values of Brooklyn Community Foundation by creating a mural inspired by the Foundation’s mission to pursue a fair and just Brooklyn, and to Spark Lasting Social Change with particular focus on activating and investing in Brooklyn’s youth. The team featured a lead artist and four talented Youth Artist Apprentices, who on previous Groundswell projects showed leadership, creativity, and dreams of a career in art. “We Spark Change” contains images of youth empowerment and community involvement such as siblings helping each other with homework, youth and senior citizens watering a garden, and a young artist painting a peer’s protest sign which reads “Fair & Just.” Several images of Brooklyn’s iconic architecture, such as brownstones and the Brooklyn Bridge, locate the mural in the borough.

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Project Info

Location: 1000 Dean Street, Suite 307 Brooklyn, NY 11238
Crown Heights

Community Commission

Youth Development


Brooklyn Community Foundation

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Lead Artist(s):
Esteban del Valle



Sammi Chan
Fabio Gomez
Mariana Nava
Angie Roman
Acrylic on Wall

Dimensions: 25 x 12 ft

Fun Facts

Fun Fact
Peregrine falcons nest on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Given the apprenticeship model, the youth were able to become very close to each other and Lead Artist Esteban del Valle, who mentored them as fellow artists.
Suggested Activity
Visit any one of the 200 community gardens in Brooklyn.