The Wonderful Journey of Learning

  • The team has transformed this corner with color, happiness, and abstract shapes.
  • PS 310 fifth graders focused on abstraction and metaphors while creating this mural.
  • Lead Artist Jose de Jesus Rodriguez addresses the dedication attendees, including Council Member Menchaca and students’ parents.
  • About to graduate from PS 310, the fifth graders reflected on their lives as a collective with this mural.
  • The group explored teamwork and the idea of a collective working towards one common goal.
  • The figures play in “rays” of learning and joy.

Project Description

“The Wonderful Journey of Learning” mural transforms a graffiti-ridden bridge in Sunset Park and enlivens the pedestrian walkway with a celebration of teamwork and lifelong learning. Through a series of hands-on design workshops, the students created imagery to illustrate P.S. 310’s core values of teamwork and lifelong learning. During visual literacy exercises, youth artists explored symbolic imagery and its ability to be both representational and abstract. The students gravitated toward a motif of plants (people) growing throughout life, reaching for the sun (learning). The students also discussed environments in which learning can happen, concluding that the potential for learning is everywhere, not just in the classroom.
The mural design is composed of three symbolic spaces: home, community, and school. A ray of light travels through each space. This ray also functions as a jump rope that abstracted human figures collaboratively jump together. Together with the ray, a plant grows through the horizontal design and reaches for the sun, suggesting lifelong growth and learning. The corrugated wall surface challenged students to rely on color, shape, and pattern to communicate their message. The fifth graders hope to inspire their fellow students, parents, community members, and passersby who may not be aware of the presence of an elementary school to keep the area around their school clean and graffiti free.
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Project Info

Fun Facts

In this “Journey,” the youth became stewards of beautification, engagement, and education within their school and community.
Fun Fact
Across the street from this mural is the N train Fort Hamilton Parkway stop.
“Corrugated” describes a wavy-like, ridged texture, like cardboard or this wall.